Contact me for scheduling and pricing starting at $25/hour for

the first week of April

Small Business Consulting

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15 Hour/ Month


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$30 Per Hour


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20 Hour/ Month


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10 Hour/ Month


Let me be your virtual assistant for your business needs

I specialize in getting entrepreneurs up and running with social media marketing, graphic design, content calendar strategy, process optimization, tech troubleshooting and figuring out which products are right for you as far as e-mail marketing, calendar management, project management, web hosting, and many more!

Specific solution-based packages also available upon request

Jump into an Emotional experience. Make friends with you emotional part of your self that you might've outcasted for the sake of fitting in, staying safe in an unemotionally pressing world.

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Friendship Coaching

Consciously relate to yourself, your partner(s), friends, family and anyone you meet.

Stop frustrating disconnection where it feels like you are from different worlds.

Stop cutting people unnecessarily out of your life.

Stop googling "are they a narcissist? Are they gaslighting me? How to not have a

toxic relationship" and changing your life based on biased advice

Stop unconsciously relating in your relationships, in your career, in your life!

Instead, find ways to meaningfully and truly connect, find, keep and enjoy healthy romantic relationships and friendships as an adult, have actual co-working relationships as well as with the humans you grew up with.

I'll be the first to tell you - I don't sing very well. I don't really play an instrument and I'm not very good at lyrics - but you may appreciate the process of how I'll get there someday.


Oct 2022

One of the best nights! What a magical sunset captured on the way to the game. Sometimes you gotta take the leap and hang on to the courage despite of the fear.

July 2022 planning a Bday Party that didn't quite turn out

But the intention was fully there.

Anyways - check my "lifestyle brand" of being simply me .. sometimes artistic, sometimes a food photographer, sometimes I car-a-aoke pretty badly but with a good heart

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My Food-For-Thought Romerican Vlogs

Long-form Vlogging Videos

Ever wonder... well, about anything? Here's a stream of consciousness 40 min or longer vlogs of what I think in a day, and sometimes what I actually do and eat and all that jazz.

Film Strip Illustration

Something Different

I don't art often, but when I do - you'll find it here. Some digital "fine art" and some physical paintings and so forth. Some of it is available for sale. If you have any inquiries, requests or would be interested in any of them, just contact me at the contact info below and we can maybe set something up!

Closing down my Etsy shop since it's expensive when you're not using it often.